Music Scoring

At Skyrmish a fine assembly of composers, audio engineers, musicians and arrangers work in tandem to create original music scores for Commercials, Films, Trailers, TV Shows, Video Games and Web Content. Musical training and tradition combine with cutting edge technology to attain the highest standards of craft and innovation throughout each stage, from concepting and composition through to recording and mixing.




Skyrmish boasts a unique 'Made to Measure' premium music Library. Appropriate selections from the Library are presented in accordance with a creative brief or genre description. Clients then choose their preferred track and as a courtesy a Skyrmish composer is assigned to work closely with them to better tailor the track to their visuals.

Other Library services include Music Supervision and Licensing on behalf of an international assortment of bands, record labels, publishers and writers.

Sound Design

Skyrmish offers a full complement of Sound Design services, including:

  • Soundscaping
  • FX
  • Audio Editing
  • Foley
  • Production Audio
  • Sonic Branding & Mnemonic Design


Twitter: SkyrmishMusic

About Skyrmish

Skyrmish is a bespoke music and sound design establishment founded by brothers Conan and Thomas Skyrme. Modeled on the traditions of service and craftsmanship upheld by generations of fine English tailors along London's Savile Row, Skyrmish offers its clients a truly handcrafted musical experience. With meticulous attention to detail they produce musical scores of lasting quality, perfectly tailored to the moving image and exclusively fitted to each client's needs and individual style.


Skyrmish offers in-house arranging, orchestration and copyist services. This encompasses everything from writing new arrangements of existing music for re-recording purposes to part preparation for session musicians.

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"I've worked with the Skyrme brothers many times now and have come to expect one thing. Universal excellence. They practice excellence in musical composition, turnaround, taking direction, conference call diction, listening, haircuts and international accents that make words like "corpuscle" and "frothy" sound like they're being transmitted by linguist angels who fan you with palm fronds as you lounge in a hammock made of cheeseburgers."
- Andy Kadin, Creative (Saatchi, BBDO, 72 & Sunny)
"Conan and Tom translate plain English to music effortlessly, a talent on which I place great value having worked with composers who can't. Their ability to quickly understand what we're after when starting from scratch on a composition saves us so much time and stress. For original composition work, Skyrmish is my first call."
- Nathan Laver, Creative (Arnold Worldwide)
"The guys at Skyrmish have that glossy production polish you expect from the bigger, usual suspects in the music world. But you get the velvet glove service you'd expect from a boutique. You talk right to the composers, so nothing ever gets lost in the translation. Tom, Conan and their team move between genres and styles deftly. When there's feedback, they push to make things better, instead of curling up in a ball to die. Though the name connotes conflict, Skyrmish delivers quite the opposite experience: impeccably produced music, without the flaky, rockstar attitude."
- Tim Cawley, Group Creative Director (Hill, Holliday)